130628 KBS Kiss The Radio Official Website Update – EXO (Lay, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Chen, D.O)

0_ux-C2iomU 0HJ6l1067uY 0KyINvCvoSM 0Ohm6jE-ylc 1ttWoiXfo9s 9KchErd__LQ 1011346_542039815833363_1965782229_n 1044794_542039262500085_482088101_n 1045013_542039859166692_454722124_n amOvI81LiTc E0qjMXd3FPo EwYGPtlj1GM GVXSDMnjWao kUJBJQCtKxo rqWV2VN9Jio sg7mhKBoWs8 VfRwp67gM0U wRekVQX0_CU wu6GZgDfyMc YDfHJQJEWLA


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