[130626] Sehun + Chanyeol @ JTBC “Royal Villa” Sitcom Recording

5DqPTK2 19906_377388489029315_1487582654_n 600473_377388822362615_1489241844_n 945014_377388499029314_109018701_n 1000158_377388849029279_1607733965_n 1006139_589279951116413_2003907623_n 1010660_377388449029319_1909859716_n 1011400_377388592362638_54725077_n 1013026_377388642362633_1269658506_n 1016059_377388729029291_1452255856_n 1043990_377384889029675_1588785486_n fEg3vJO TEv3RP1 XXNkqSq

Photo Credits to: Sehuna, Iridescent Boy, Chan10, Love Drunk, Hyper Beat,


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