[TRANS] B.A.P Announces 3 Title Track Summer Comeback B.A.P is making a come back this summer with three title tracks.

On the 17th, the entertainment company stated “B.A.P will release their third mini album on the 28th with speed. Particularly, they will be making an unconventional comeback with three title tracks”.

“Progressing with a triple track was a difficult decision to make as B.A.P had just debuted within two years but they had a greed to show their musical colors through the album and they are confident that they will not disappoint with any of the three songs” they added.

Earlier, spoilers pictures of the music video filming set in America’s Las Vegas were revealed, announcing that another blockbuster level music video was being made. B.A.P is causing anticipation to rise due to their upcoming revelation of their three title songs, remarkable music video and different concept.

B.A.P is now at the peak of their ‘B.A.P Live On Earth Pacific’ tour and their preparations for their comeback at the same time.

article cr; sportsseoul.com; trans. cr; aLxo12 via xingxinghunhan.wordpress.com


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