[TRANS] 130615 Jinyoung Jang’s Facebook Update with Kai


SM Jonginie: Jinyoung hyung we got first place! Thank you, hyung.. Hyung’s students got first place


It was a late-night katalk from (my) student Jongin. EXO finally got first place. Several years of practicing. The hardships and memories we made together flew by… I almost started crying senselessly kekeke. A long time ago when I had debuted and was winning awards… The people who had helped us probably felt like this… As someone who is no longer a player, but one who is helping them, I am thankful once again… Thanks to them, I grew well and became a person who can help others. I am honestly grateful to many people…^^ I really congratulate EXO on getting 1st place. They worked really hard…and are so praiseworthy… I hope you never forget your original intentions and grow to be more mature and cool singers!!! EXO fighting!!! and Jang Jinyoung fighting!!!

Note: Jinyoung Jang is SM’s Vocal Trainer.

(Source: Jinyoung Jang’s Facebook / Translation: We.are.ONE.44 @ CODE:EXO)

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