[NEWS] Weekly Idol MCs choose INFINITE and MBLAQ as their “Most Memorable Guests”



A lot of idol stars have featured as guests on ‘Weekly Idol‘, but the show’s MCs, Jung Hyung Don and Defconn, chose INFINITE and MBLAQ as the most memorable of them all!
During the press conference for the 100th episode special of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol’ on the 11th, the hosts were asked about their choice for the most memorable idol stars on the show. Defconn shared, “I definitely have to mention INFINITE. Because they feel like family, they fit well [with the program], and in MBLAQ’s case, our minds were compatible. I also have affection for After School and BTOB. I love most idol groups.”
Jung Hyung Don was more of a crowd-pleaser, answering, “Everyone was most memorable.” Defconn also raised eyebrows by revealing he wants to bring one of the biggest international idols, Justin Bieber, onto the show.
‘Weekly Idol’s will air its 100th episode on the 19th.
Source: allkpop
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