[NEWS] 130613 EXO, Eyeing 1st Rank with a ‘Whole Unit Performance’, More Spectacular than Ever


The boys who have claimed to have come from a superior planet within the solar system called ‘Exo Planet’ have come back as wolves in love. They still like to claim with mischievous faces that their real identities are aliens with super powers, but we got to meet with a new EXO who has returned with a more leisurely and mature image.

EXO has recently come back with title song ‘Wolf’ after a year-long hiatus. This time they came armed with a more powerful performance.

‘Wolf’ is a song comprised of currently trending dubstep and hip hop music, and its powerful beats flow right into the ears. One of its notable characteristics is its witty lyrics, which tells a story about a wolf who experiences emotions of love after meeting a beautiful girl. Especially the ‘Saranghaeyo’ part in the chorus is one with addicting qualities that make it difficult to forget after hearing it just once.

During this promotion, subunits EXO-K and EXO-M dominate the stage under the name EXO. The ‘Tree Dance’, ‘Cave Dance’, and ‘Wolf Dance’ are elements of the choreography that embody the song’s original concept exceptionally well.

“This routine was made by Tony Testa, our choreographer. He took special care to make sure all 12 of the members can stand out without leaving anyone out.” Baekhyun said as Kai added, “There were times when the choreography we learned on the second day differed from the one we learned on the first day. In other words, we devoted our heart and soul to revise the routine to improve it every day.”

When conversation about the stage emerged, their eyes sobered up and become earnest. It seemed likely that there was considerable regret regarding vocal parts, as what 6 of them originally had to sing together, they had to split among 12. But the members immediately shook their heads side to side and insisted that “they were distributed evenly”. “I actually think they’ve put a lot of thought into it so that EXO-M members could be sufficiently reflected in the Korean version as well as for the EXO-K members to be just as noticeable in the Mandarin version.” (Chanyeol)

While individual parts may have become smaller than they were when EXO were promoting as separate units, their performance has been upgraded. “We can show off a more diverse, imposing side as 12, more than we could have done with just 6 of us. I feel that that is the greatest advantage in promoting as one, in terms of on-stage performances.” (Chanyeol)

As if to prove him right, ‘Wolf’ was received with explosive response upon its release. With its addictive songs coupled with powerful performances, their new album ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’, has hit over 120,000 copies sold in just 7 days after release.

However I feel the passionate response to their work has not yet realized for the members themselves. Kai revealed that “rather than on site, I can feel it more when I’m seeing articles about [our albums] setting records on the music market charts.”

EXO has been living together in one dorm ever since before album preparations for their ‘whole unit’ promotion. What could’ve been some changes that came about from living as 6 to living as 12?

“It’s nice that we can take care of each other now that we promote as 12. We look after birthdays. But every time we try to plan surprise parties, the birthday guys seem to know everything. Can I say that is one of its disadvantages?” (Chanyeol)

Baekhyun and Chen fessed up more realistic (?) concerns. “When we wash at the dorm, we shower in threes, since there are 12 of us. When we order food, it takes longer because we are a bigger party, and it’s difficult to clean up after all of us, too. I feel like we’re using all the dishware there is in the house.” (Baekhyun) “There is also heaps of laundry. All the towels in the dorm disappear by the end of the week. I used to be particular in wearing my own personal socks, but I’ve given up on that now. (Chen)

The diverse variety of genre in the new album ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’ fills in for the long period of hiatus it took to make it. ‘Wolf’ is a song with its emphasis in performance, but ‘My Lady’ and ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ reflect the vocalists’ true capabilities and charm as mature young men. Also, ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘3.6.5’ rub off with a fresh feeling more appropriate to the boys’ young age.

EXO has unanimously agreed that ‘Music Broadcast No. 1’ is a wish they want granted through their promotions. “Not too long ago, Suho hyung made a pledge that he would get on his knees and sob uncontrollably if we get first place.” (Baekhyun) “I think I’d be happy with first place nomination. It’s a great honor, and it means that many people are giving us love.” (Kai)

Like the ‘Multicultural group’ that promote on stage in both Korea and China, they did not forget to consider international fans as well as those in China when talking about their ambition to get first place on music broadcast.

“EXO-K and EXO-M are doing well promoting as 12 in Korea and we’ll do just as well in China. We’ll come flying there with a spectacular performance soon, so please wait for us.” (Chen) “The choreography in the Korean version and the Chinese version is slightly different. On the Chinese stage we’ll show you the Chinese version,” (Kai)

Lastly, they also revealed two secrets regarding the title song ‘Wolf’. “The choreography we show you towards the ending is supposed to create the formation of a wolf’s head. There seem to be a lot of people who don’t know, probably because the camera focuses on Sehun’s face on live broadcast.” (Suho) “There have been many guesses made by the fans about the person behind the ‘Saranghaeyo’ in the chorus, but the truth is we had a beauty to record that part for us.” (all)

source: TV Daily

translation cr; juliana @ exok-trans


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