[STAFF DIARY] 130608 – EXO SCHOOL BUS st~~art~~!!!



[STAFF DIARY] 130608 – EXO SCHOOL BUS st~~art~~!!!


The long awaited~ EXO is now back by everyone’s sides.

Starting from the DREAM CONCERT during which you were able to see EXO for the first time in a while
And last week’s first broadcast„ the EXO SCHOOL BUS that EXO got on for its first run and the meaningful meeting with the fans in province„ until the new record for the most number of messages left on KBS Radio~~!!

Thanks to all the fans who send out strong supporting messages on and offline
EXO is having fun promoting everyday while being thankful to everyone.^^

The 12 wolf-boys you’ve waited for all that time have now armed themselves
With ‘Wolf’, a strong performance that’ll make up for the wait
Just like now„, you will keep~~~ on going on with us right?!

‘It’s intense, I can’t refuse it I let go, sinking in this feeling~~
Yes Wolf, I’m a Wolf! Awouuuu~~ (Ah I love you) ♩♪’

In order to show you guys a good result„
EXO will keep on embarking on the EXO SCHOOL BUS and go wherever you are
The SCHOOL BUS will keep on going~!!!

And now~! If you’re someone who just found out about EXO’s charms~~?
Right now isn’t too late~~!!

Okay!! Are you going to fall in love with EXO?

♪ Yeah Wolf, I’m a Wolf! Awouuuu~~ (Ah I love you, Ah I I I love you)
I am the wolf and you’re the beauty♩♪

Source: EXO-K’s Official Website
Translation cr: saphira @ exok-trans

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