{NEWS} B1A4 Baro’s injury


{NEWS} B1A4 Baro’s injury, why’s he sitting alone,
what’s going on?
B1A4 Baro’s injury is such a pity.
On June 7 through KBS2’s “Music Bank,” B1A4’s
Baro was seen rapping while sitting on a chair. It was
because of his ankle injury. Also on MBC’s “Show! Music Core,” Baro was also sitting.
A B1A4 representative said, “Not long ago, Baro
pulled a ligament on his ankle while on stage, causing
the injury. Right now he’s wearing a cast. He was told
that if he doesn’t move much for a couple of days,
then he will recover. This week, since it’s the last broadcast, he’s still remained sitting on stage.”
Netizens who commented about B1A4 Baro’s injury
posted, “Why an injury with Baro, it’s their last
broadcast”, “Hoping for B1A4 Baro’s fast recovery”,
“His passion on stage is amazing despite the injury,”
etc. Meanwhile, to end promotions for “What’s Going On?,”
B1A4 performed at SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on June 9.

Source: News Nate,

translations by classifiedkjop of FLIGHTB1A4


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