[B.A.P featured on Taiwan News]



BAP spills beans over “fights” in dormitory

Korean Hip Hop boy group B.A.P through yesterday’s interview exposed about their dormitory lifes. They share the same room, Himchan said: “We do quarrel, but we will also communicate” Do they fight ? The 6 big boys shook their heads. Leader Bang Yongguk accidentally slip and expose “There’s beating time” then he realize the mistake and said “We never fight!” They are rappers, so will they rap when they quarrel? with s smile “This is a cartoon episode right? Rap skills are not enough !” Yesterday, they arrive in Taiwan for the second time, the flight details were not release, but attracted more than 200 fans to support them at the airport. Tonight at 7pm, Nangang 101 will be their concert, 90% of the box office sales, taking in 10 millions NT. Daehyun was surprise and said: “So many fans supporting us, i’ve got a shock”.

Nangang Stage tonight,
Yongguk had shown his abs in the concert in Seoul, said yesterday “If the concert atmosphere is high, there might be chances i will show it again” Jongup spoke in mandarin, “I want to eat mango snow ice” They will be leaving for korea tomorrow.

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