[FANACCOUNT COMPILATION]130608 Sicheon Fansigning

KIMKAI fansite told Kai to sign to ‘KIMKAI’ and Kai asked “Kim Kai? Isn’t that me?”
cr: kimkaierro

Kai 4-D moment : a fan asked Kai ” Do you love melons or watermelon?” Kai said “Watermelon because melon and water”
cr: blackpearlssoft [For those who don’t know, 4D means 4-dimensional, that is, totally random]

When it was Kai’s turn to speak, he didn’t know what to say, kept awkwardly laughing drily. Tao gave him an expressionless look and tried snatching his mic. Kai turned to him and did a gesture as though he was gonna hit Tao.
cr: 生菜蝈蝈

When fansign was ending, the members said they really want to get 1st place, they told fans they need to keep on listening to the same song. Kai said even though you love Baby Don’t Cry a lot, you still need to keep listening to Wolf ! Chanyeol even told them to listen (stream) through phones.
cr: 海天月夜

The fans shouted “They are one, they are EXO”. Kai told the fan in front of him “It’s amazing to hear their voice”
cr: 金钟大亲姐团

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