130608 勝醬日記更新


過了很久之後,我在泰國這裡又有了很歡樂的時間!真的很多樂趣 ^^ 我想在看這篇日記的你們也應該知道了吧!我真的很愛泰國的粉絲!他們很給力地應援!給GD和我!謝謝你!泰國!我在泰國這裡有一些朋友,他們真的很善良而且對我來說很特別。我真的很珍惜跟他們之間的關係。我覺得泰國很熱是因為每個人的心裡都很熱。我的心又有多熱呢?

PS: wwwww = lol = 笑

The heat in your heart never loses to the hot temperature.

Here I am in Thailand. I’m here again as GD hyung’s con guest. Thanks to the leader I could go to Thailand for the first time in a long time. Thank you Jiyong Hy~ong! Wwwww I remember spending my Last Christmas in Thailand. It was so much fun^^ I think all of u who’s reading this already know! I had a really fun time in Thailand after a long time! It’s really hot over here! In the summer, it’s even hotter! But I really loved Thai fans and they cheered hard for us! For GD and Me! Thank you! Thailand! I have a few friends in Thailand and they’re so kind and special to me. I really cherish relationships with other people. I think Thailand is hot because everyone’s heart is hot. How hot is my heart..? Sometimes I make everyone go cold~ because of my bad jokes so maybe my heart isn’t that hot… www funny? GD said to me “Ya! You’re getting more excited for this than for BIGBANG’s live?” YES. That’s right. That’s me wwwwww

PS: wwwww = lol

English translation: BIGBANGGisVIP
Pic cr: Mystifize

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