130608 FANACCOUNT EXO @ Fansign

[130608 Ilsan Fansign] Question for Luhan, “If Xiumin got on your bed, would you kick him off?” Luhan: “Yes….”
cr: ray_0203


* I asked Sehun who he likes more, Luhan or Tao? He said both and laughed cutely .
[cr: JMrose]


* Jongdae went and crouched beside Kris’ chair xD
[via. chocolyn_]


* I asked Suho if they will go to SNSD’s concert tonight but he said “let’s see, ask Baekhyun” .
[via. parkmaru]


* And also! I asked Sehun if he’s aware about Miranda Kerr being on SNL Korea and he said “yes, yes””
[via. markmaru]


* Chen helped a noona to get down from the stairs. She assisted her on the stairs .
[cr: yun_xo]


* A staff asked Baekhyun to do gwiyeomi but he said he was busy so he can’t .
[cr: 我的心风暴]


* Sehun wished his fans to be healthy and that he loves them .
[ cr:ahrixoxo ]


* Sehun asked: “Will there be even more people than at Sinchon?”


* When they were greeting at the end, Suho pulled Kris’s hand saying, “Kris’s too tall, I should go to that side.” and then he went to the other side to find Chen. Chen even patted his head as consolation (?)


* During the fansign, Baekhyun asked everyone if they have their audio in their phone, everyone said yes and Baekhyun said to have everyone play their audio together when the fansign is over. When it’s ending, it was time to fulfill the promise but everyone was busy taking photos so not much people were playing the audio. Suddenly, the intro where the wolves howls were heard. It turns out that Suho was the one who sang it. It sounded so real! Suho’s really a variety newbie!


* The last person to speak was Suho, the leader was really insisting on getting number 1, he kept on asking if they can get number 1 next week, if they can get number 1 for digital sales, can they get number 1 for XX, a series of questions of asking if they can get number 1. And he said if they managed to get number 1, everyone will be able to see in tears. Chen pulled his hand and said: “We promise you, everyone, quickly take some photos as proof.”


* [Fan account translation] by Siamois_YEON

Fan: Baekhyun, you really like the song IGAB right? BAEKHYUN : (shyly) Ahaaa, nehhh^^! Fan: Which part (lyrics) do u like the most out of the song (IGAB)? BAEKHYUN : (answers quickly) 아~내 왕자 님!(ahhhh, nae wangjang-nim!)


*”Suho said at the end: (This (Ilsan) is D.O.’s hometown,(though he isn’t here) everyone can understand his intentions heart right?”


* “D.O. looked awkward but he still aske

d about him at the end & the fans pointed to the fanboy for him to see.”


* “Fans called kept on calling ‘Luhan’ ‘Luhan’. When other members’ names were called, they were talking to each other, not much response from them but when Luhan’s name was called, he will look at the direction where the fans’ voice were from and he even waved at them. When he lifted his head to look at us, he looked surprised. It was really cute.”

(C) suhoshi

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